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Adventures with the Father

Having adventures with your heavenly father has to be the best thing in the world! Recently I've come back being part of an awesome adventure in the far west of Nepal. I've loved it so much!! Even though it has... Continue Reading →

Into the Father’s arms

Lately, as I've settled into Nepalese life, I've found the only secure place is to run into my Heavenly Father's lap. A place of love and safety as He throws His arms around me and keeps me close to Him.... Continue Reading →

Seeking God

Over these last couple of weeks, I've been actively seeking God, consciously making room for Him in my day. An awesome crew have allowed me to use their prayer cellar to seek God. A sanctuary place where I can go... Continue Reading →

Time’s flying by

Time is flying by...2 weeks left of work, 2 months till I go to Nepal. Am I ready? Honestly, I don't think I'll ever be ready, but, I know my Heavenly Father has gone before me, and that's one thing... Continue Reading →

The journey so far…

This year has been absolutely amazing but challenging at the same time. I've had the privilege of going on two 3-week mission trips, one to India in February and the second to Nepal in September, both self-funded trips. I felt so privileged to have both of these opportunities to serve God in these countries. It was during my time in Nepal that God clearly spoke to me and just felt the urgency to "get up and go".

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