2016 has been an adventurous year. I’ve had the privilege of going on two 3-week mission trips, one to India in February and the second to Nepal in September, both self-funded trips. Having these opportunities to serve God in these countries has been such a privilege. To see poverty on such a scale in India and to walk the streets of Nepal seeing so many idols is pretty eye opening. They’ve definitely had an impact on my life for the good. I’ve also felt really blessed by all the people that have supported me spiritually and financially in these trips, and am so grateful.

It looks like 2017 is going to be a God-adventurous year as well, as after I came back from Nepal I felt God wanted me to go back again and felt God clearer say “get up and go”.


To add more to this supposedly rash decision, I’ll go back several years, to when I was a teenager… one of my desires and I know this sounds pretty cheesy but it was simply go abroad and simply love people. I didn’t have a particular country in mind or a longing to serve a certain community, but simply to spread God’s love around our broken world. Just wanted to be used by God in whatever way He wanted.

This desire has stuck with me ever since and I find myself drawn to those who have been on mission trips wanting to listen to them about their time away; or fundraising for different projects; or reading books either about or by missionaries. Something inside me just jumps with excitement whenever I hear about mission trips.

Over the years I feel God has chiseled, shaped and molded me to prepare me for this adventurous dream. My first mission trip was back when I was 18 yrs, fresh out of sixth form, where I jumped at the opportunity to go to Uganda with a small team from my local church. I remember getting back and all I wanted to do was scrap uni and head back again. Just wanted to continue to serve God out there and get more practically involved in the charity. However, I ended up shooting up the M1 to Northampton university instead.

Now, several years later, in March 2017 I’m embarking on a journey with no backup plan! I’ve handed my notice in at work and I’m heading off to Nepal for about 5 months. Let the God adventures begin…

The beautiful rural countryside


Looking out across Kathmandu