Over these last couple of weeks, I’ve been actively seeking God, consciously making room for Him in my day. An awesome crew have allowed me to use their prayer cellar to seek God. A sanctuary place where I can go to with only one agenda on my mind, to just be with God. Leaving my distractions at the door and entering His presence. I’ve found a releasing within me, a new confidence, and excitement to spend time with God. I feel my heart running, longing, desiring after more of God, expecting bigger and greater things to happen. Not being satisfied with where I am at the moment, but knowing there is more, so much more. Passions and inspirations rise up within me. I’m hungry. I’m thirsty. I know the only thing that can satisfy me is God. Only He can quench my thirst for a longing of a greater freedom from my fears and insecurities; a greater love for the lost, broken, and forgotten; and a greater trust in my unknown future.

After reading red moon rising and is that really you, God? an excitement has risen within me. Hearing about how the 24-7 prayer movement and YWAM both started has made me stand back in awe of God. Testimony after testimony after testimony of God making the impossible things happen, unifying people, transforming their lives…just wow! Everything comes out of a place of seeking Him, surrendering our desires and wants for His and putting Him first in our lives. Allowing a new love for God to grow in our hearts, to bubble up within us that it just bursts out into everyday life, overflows and impacting the one in front of us. Not just seeking God in those alone times, but combining prayer with mission, and practically living it out. I’d like to see more boiler rooms rise up. More rooms where only God is glorify in those places, and to be expectant and pray for greater things to happen.

Recently I’ve been involved with 24 hrs and 48 hrs of prayer. These times were broken down into one hour slots for people to sign up for. Having spent more time with God recently, I felt this excitement rise within me to be part of something bigger. And for God to be continually glorified in one place for that long, that it becomes so full of His presence that it’s felt when people enter the room. I know you can seek God anywhere, but there’s something special about actually heading to a certain location to seek God, even if it’s at 1 am. Also knowing that the hours before have been filled with people seeking God changes the atmosphere of the room. I’ve found these times to bring me to a place of vulnerability, crying out to God about my passions, my desires, my hopes and my longings. I’ve felt that I’ve encountered God in a different way, and as I’ve allowed myself to be more open, I’ve felt my spirit become more free.

I long to keep running after God, having an expectant heart for Him to move, and not wanting to get satisfied and content with life.