Having adventures with your heavenly father has to be the best thing in the world! Recently I’ve come back being part of an awesome adventure in the far west of Nepal. I’ve loved it so much!! Even though it has been really challenging, it has pushed me out of my comfort zones. It has felt good to be stretched. I’ve come away from the village feeling excited about what God is doing there and wanting to go back again. I have felt challenged to study my bible, so I am more prepared next time I get the opportunity to teach, share and pray with people. There are many new believers in the villages who need teaching and equipping to become strong and mature believers in Christ. The need is great but the workers are few.




There are many many testimonies that I could share from the trip of God moving in people’s lives. I’ll share several stories of God moving powerfully during our trip. In one village we prayed for a mum and her son who are believers. The son was having seizure each night at 12 and 4 and had a lack of appetite. We prayed for deliverance for both of them and the mum was set free while we were praying and filled with Holy Spirit. Later we heard the son had been sleeping through the night and had got his appetite back! Praise God. At one of the villages that we visited, Paul taught on Holy Spirit and afterwards we prayed for people to be filled with the holy spirit and loads and loads of people were speaking in tongues, crying out to God, being filled with joy. Was amazing, the room was going crazy as Holy Spirit was moving over the 50ish people. Another village, we split up into small teams to go from house to house preaching the gospel and 2 people gave their lives to God! At another village, it was my turn to stand up and share. I shared the gospel message for the first time and felt I did a terrible job, missing out loads of things, but Holy Spirit was moving on that place and 11 people gave their lives to God. Totally incredibly awesome!!


During our trip I think I travelled on every single mode of transport there could possibly be….bus, motorbike, little river boat, little electric van, in the back of a tractor, back of an oxen cart, and also walked for miles and miles and miles. Plus I rode a scooter for the first time ever which was great fun. I definitely pushed my body further that I thought I could, walking for 6 hours having only eaten a packet of biscuits, plus walking in flip flops! Crazy! Also, it’s been full of adventure, spent one night camped up on the top of a mountain where we shared the gospel with 3 guys that were with us. Also, we were walking from village to village, depending on the generosity of the local believers for food and accommodation. We were sleeping on church floors and sharing beds in local homes. One of the walks to one of the villages took 6hrs to walk, where we walked through the jungle, waded through a river, and crossed another river by a little boat. So much fun!!



I’ve been also continuing to head to the slums has been great, even though it’s tough. But it’s an amazing opportunity to serve and love them. One day I had the opportunity to pray for one girl and Praise God she was completely headed. The next day, I headed back to the slums with 2 of the students from the bible school, where we encourage and prayed for the girl’s father who was a backslidden Christian. The students were encouraging him and we ended up praying for him to be filled with Holy Spirit, as well as his two daughters. I am continuing to help with the after school club which the local church runs. It involves helping the children with their school work, which can be a challenge when you don’t speak the language, but it has been great to love the kids at the slums. Also, we have continued to build the toilets and completely finished two toilets! Only another 8 to finish. This week I helped the guys drill the tin to the bamboo which was great fun.